Below you will find a brief summary describing what the recommended Summer Reading books for your grade level are about.

Remember to choose wisely – you need to complete two assignments that are due the first week of school – August 2013.


The Lost Hero
When they’re attacked by strange monsters during a field trip to the Grand Canyon, Jason, Piper, and Leo are rescued by some of Percy Jackson’s pals and taken to Camp Half-Blood. There, the teens discover the truth—they’re demigods! But unlike the other campers, who have Greek gods and goddesses for parents, Jason, Piper, and Leo have Roman gods and goddesses for parents! Now the three are learning about their unique demigod abilities—and facing a deadly prophecy. It turns out that the goddess Hera has been kidnapped and it’s up to these new demigods to save her!


The Tears of the Salamander
Oh to live in the heart of such a fire, like a salamander! Alfredo, a choir boy in 18th- century Italy, loses his family in a fire, and his mysterious Uncle Giorgio spirits him away to their ancestral home below a volcano. There he learns that Uncle Giorgio is the Master of the Mountain; he can control the volcano. He is also an alchemist, able to make gold from the tears of the fiery salamander he captured from the heart of the mountain. Alfredo is his heir, the next Master; and as Alfredo learns the history of his family and its power, he begins to suspect that his uncle is actually a fearsome sorcerer.


Melinda enters high school as an utter outcast. She called the cops at an end-of- summer party, and the party was busted. Now her former friends and classmates have all turned their backs on her. But what they don’t know is that Melinda had good reason to call the cops. Now she suffers as she hides this heavy secret, trudging through the days in lonely misery and utter silence. To make matters worse, even Melinda’s parents don’t seem to have an interest in her life. Melinda finally takes refuge in art class, where a kind teacher offers her a bit of support. When Melinda’s former best friend begins to date the guy who assaulted her, it results in a shocking, terrifying turn of events. But will this finally be enough to shake Melinda out of her silence?
Breathing Underwater
To his friends, popular and handsome sixteen-year-old Nick Andreas has led a charmed life. But the guys in Nick’s anger management class know differently. So does his ex-girlfriend Caitlin. Now it looks like the only person who doesn’t realize how far from perfect Nick’s life has become is Nick himself.


Chew on This
Kids love fast food. And the fast food industry definitely loves kids. It couldn’t survive without them. Did you know that the biggest toy company in the world is McDonald’s? It’s true. In fact, one out of every three toys given to a child in the United States each year is from a fast food restaurant.Not only has fast food reached into the toy industry, it’s moving into our schools. One out of every five public schools in the United States now serves brand name fast food. But do kids know what they’re eating? Where do fast food hamburgers come from? And what makes those fries taste so good?

In Chew On This, they share with kids the fascinating and sometimes frightening truth about what lurks between those sesame seed buns, what a chicken ‘nugget’ really is, and how the fast food industry has been feeding off children for generations.