Below you will find a brief summary describing what the recommended Summer Reading books for your grade level are about.

Remember to choose wisely – you need to complete two assignments that are due the first week of school – August 2013.


A Step From Heaven by An Na
While going up into the sky on the flight from Korea to America, four-year-old Young Ju concludes that they are on their way to heaven-America is heaven! After they arrive, however, Young Ju and her parents and little brother struggle in their new world, weighed down by the difficulty of learning English, their insular family life, and the traditions of the country they left behind. An Na’s striking language authentically reflects the process of acculturation as Young Ju grows from a child to an adult.


Lupita Mañana by Patricia Beatty
Crossing over the border is a dangerous business……But Lupita must cross from Mexico to America. After her father dies in a fishing boat accident in the seas near their small Mexican village, Lupita’s family is left in poverty. Lupita and her big brother, Salvador, must smuggle themselves into the United States to earn money to support their mother and young siblings. America is not the land of opportunity they had hoped. A new language, hard labor, and the constant threat of la migra — the immigration police–make every day a difficult challenge. But for feisty Lupita, there is always hope for a better mañana — tomorrow.


Parrot in the Oven: Mi Vida by Victor Martinez
Dad believed people were like money. You could be a thousand-dollar person or a hundred-dollar person — even a ten-, five-, or one-dollar person. Below that, everybody was just nickels and dimes. To my dad, we were pennies. Fourteen-year-old Manny Hernandez wants to be more than just a penny. He wants to be a vato firme, the kind of guy people respect. But that′s not easy when your father is abusive, your brother can′t hold a job, and your mother scrubs the house as if she can wash her troubles away. In Manny′s neighborhood, the way to get respect is to be in a gang. But Manny’s not sure that joining a gang is the solution. Because, after all, it′s his life — and he wants to be the one to decide what happens to it.
Taking Sides by Gary Soto
Lincoln is in a jam when his basketball team at his new school–where the students are rich and mostly white–faces his old team from the barrio on the boards. How can he play his best against his friends? No matter who wins, it looks like it will be lose-lose for Lincoln.