• Promotes excellence in bilingual studies (English and Spanish), and is committed to high academic standards.
• Students are immersed in the Museums Magnet Program.
• The curriculum follows the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards (NGSSS).
• Most classes are held in a new facility with the latest innovations in technology.
• Elective classes feature Spanish Dance, French, Museum Art, Band, Drama, Creative Writing, Chess, and Gifted Resource Program.
Unique Benefits:
• Develops greater mental abstraction and higher order thinking skills.
• Boosts academic achievement and increases performance on the FCAT.
• Provides seventh and eighth graders the opportunity to earn High School credits.
• Increases understanding of other cultures.
• Expands career, employment, and travel opportunities.

Extended Foreign Language Program Course Offerings:

Grade 6
Language Arts – Regular/Advanced
Math – Regular/Advanced
World History – Regular/Advanced (Bilingual/Dual Language)

Comprehensive Science

– Regular/Advanced  (Bilingual/Dual Language)
Spanish M/J Advanced
Choice of Elective
Grade 7
Language Arts – Regular/Advanced
Math – Regular/Advanced/ Algebra Honors
Civics (Bilingual/Dual Language)/ Adv. Civics (Bilingual/Dual Language)
Comprehensive Science (Bilingual/Dual Language)
Spanish S I (High School credit)
Choice of Elective
Grade 8
Language Arts Regular/Advanced
U.S. History Honors (Bilingual/Dual Language)
Spanish S II (High School credit)
Choice of Elective