Lead Teacher: Mr. Juan C. Rodriguez

The goal of the Extended Foreign Language Program (EFL) at Shenandoah Middle School is to develop bilingual, biliterate and bicultural students capable of leadership and able to function in the multilingual society of the global economy. The EFL program at Shenandoah Middle requires one class period of Spanish language arts curriculum and two class periods of basic subject area instruction in Spanish. Students in the EFL program must not only learn and maintain the Spanish language, but they must also use it to learn.

• Promotes excellence in bilingual studies (English and Spanish), and is committed to high academic standards.
• Students are immersed in the Museums Magnet Program.
• The curriculum follows the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards (NGSSS).
• Most classes are held in a new facility with the latest innovations in technology.
• Elective classes feature Spanish Dance, French, Museum Art, Band, Drama, Creative Writing, Chess, and Gifted Resource Program.

Unique Benefits:
• Develops greater mental abstraction and higher order thinking skills.
• Boosts academic achievement and increases performance on the FCAT.
• Provides seventh and eighth graders the opportunity to earn High School credits.
• Increases understanding of other cultures.
• Expands career, employment, and travel opportunities.

Extended Foreign Language Program Course Offerings:

Grade 6
Language Arts – Regular/Advanced
Math – Regular/Advanced
World History – Regular/Advanced (Bilingual/Dual Language)
Comprehensive Science
– Regular/Advanced (Bilingual/Dual Language)
Spanish M/J Advanced
Choice of Elective

Grade 7
Language Arts – Regular/Advanced
Math – Regular/Advanced/ Algebra Honors
Civics (Bilingual/Dual Language)/ Adv. Civics (Bilingual/Dual Language)
Comprehensive Science (Bilingual/Dual Language)
Spanish S I (High School credit)
Choice of Elective

Grade 8
Language Arts Regular/Advanced
U.S. History Honors (Bilingual/Dual Language)
Spanish S II (High School credit)
Choice of Elective