Mission & Vision

School Mission Statement

Shenandoah Middle School Museums Magnet implements instructional strategies, founded in the humanities, which allows students to develop flexible and rigorous thinking skills based on individual experiences and interactions with object-based learning resources.

School Vision

By creating environments that promote meaningful explorations and discovery, Shenandoah Middle School Museums Magnet facilitates engaging instruction which instills a joy of learning and deep understanding of subjects. Our goal is to enable all students to be lifelong learners, productive workers, responsible citizens and thoughtful participants in their families and global community. The Museums Magnet Program cultivates and secures a new learning environment by creating environments that promote meaningful exploration and discovery. We facilitate engaging instruction which creates a joy of learning and deep understanding of subjects therefore fostering a new generation of museum goers. Genuine enthusiasm for academic study, understanding and achievement is cherished at Shenandoah Middle. We strive to instill this passion in our students by paving a concrete academic foundation, setting high educational goals and celebrating their intellectual journey.