Exhibit Nights

Exhibitions:  Their Purpose
The creativity used to create our exhibits fosters dynamic learning environments, innovation, authentic learning, motivation, and enjoyment. It leads us to experiment and stay curious, to demonstrate and exhibit, and to do the most with what we have.
Our teachers adjust their curriculum to include museum learning and the creation of exhibits. Some exhibits are large (for classroom displays only) others are for hundreds to see. By creating environments that promote meaningful exploration and discovery, we facilitate engaging instruction which creates a joy of learning and deep understanding of subjects.
Genuine enthusiasm for academic study, understanding and achievement is cherished at Shenandoah Middle. We strive to instill this passion in our students by paving a concrete academic foundation, setting high educational goals and celebrating their intellectual journey.
Preparing for Exhibit Night
It takes a lot of time and preparation to put on an exhibit. Our teachers must plan weeks to months in advance before making a final decision on what students will be studying and creating. A topic must be chosen, a title must be written, an initial plan must be proposed, a site for the exhibit must be decided upon, and then the real work begins!
Students must find the materials necessary to create their exhibits, they must create labels for every object, and they must proofread all their work, too!
In the end, with guidance from their teachers, students set up their final products in our very own exhibition space. Parents and the community then have the chance to see all our hard work.
While it is time consuming and tons of work, it is definitely worth it in the end to see all the great things students created in all of their classes.
Our top-notch museums magnet program is like no other. With the help of our amazing partners, we have transformed our school into the first Museums Magnet school in the State of Florida.