Museums Magnet

Welcome to Shenandoah Middle School Museums Magnet – A Magnet School of Distinction!

What is our program all about?

The Museums Magnet program at Shenandoah Middle School combines the resources and collections of local museums and cultural institutions to create innovative, multidisciplinary educational experiences for students, parents and teachers. The program strives to use instructional strategies, founded in the humanities, which allow students to develop critical and rigorous thinking skills based on individual experiences and interactions with object-based learning resources.

What are our educational aims?

  1. High Student Achievement

High student achievement will be met by maintaining high academic standards and expectations for all students and providing appropriate assistance for each student.

  1. Safe and Secure Learning Environment

A safe and secure learning environment is an essential component in enabling students to achieve their highest potential.

  1. Professional Work Force

A professional work force, dedicated and committed to attaining the success of our

students, is essential.

  1. Partnerships

Community partnerships are vital to the success of our students and include

families, students, staff, businesses and museum educators.

What Can Our Museums Magnet Program Offer Your Child?

  • Professional magnet teaching staff, as well as visiting museum educators and professional consultants.
  • Museums serve as classrooms for students and teachers.
  • Teachers utilize inquiry-based teaching methods using objects and exhibitions to teach core disciplines.
  • Activities are outcome and project-based.
  • Curriculum is student-centered and addresses higher-level thinking and standardized testing.
  • Gifted, advanced and honors classes.
  • Intensive research opportunities via study trips centered on program theme.
  • Special classrooms, state-of-the-art laboratories and equipment.
  • Program is implemented school-wide. All students at Shenandoah Middle School are a part of the magnet program.